Leadership and Management is a 6-week, interactive video-based training program that teaches young and seasoned professionals the latest trends ,tools and ideas in Leadership and Management and especially the one coined by Anu which is EPL “Ethically Passionate Leader” and it will help you to create and understand your impact as a true leader.

Whether you’re brand new to business and corporate world or established and ready to grow, this training module will challenge you to execute at your highest level. It’s designed to help you recreate your work , with elements like ethics, integrity and values that stimulates and inspire higher profits and your higher purpose.

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“WAW Workshops are based on the book “Winning at Work_ Unleashing the power of Confidence and Self-Discipline by “Anu Kaushal Manhotra” and it empowers young professionals by giving them the latest knowledge about how to lead and be a winner in life.