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“Ethically Passionate Leader”

I personally define Leadership as a combination of two rare qualities one ” Ethical” and other being “Passionate” and I admire those Leaders whom I call “EPLs” that is Ethically Passionate Leaders.

I have seen few ,only a few as of now, great Leaders who excel and grow beyond imagination because they are very high on the scale of Morals, Ethics and Passion.

As I believe that one can find many passionate Leaders however when you are clouded by passion you tend to get ethically blind and very rare leaders have the capacity and potential to not to get blind by their Passion and hence they are the true Leaders they are the “EPLs” who live and care for the people and world around and are not just creating waves by diving deep into their passion but are also ethically sound.

This is what our world demands now, it needs more and more EPLs, who let others grow along with them ,they constantly inspire other people around them not just through their work but also through their vision, which is very clear, just and ethically strong .

These Leaders begin by creating a vision for all , which is communicated and clarified carefully to everyone in the system. It is embedded with strong corporate Cultural values and elements of dignity and equality are at the core of it.

EPLs clearly describes three stages for any big or small decisions to be taken at the workplace.

The decision would only be considered, if it is ethically viable at the first stage and then at the second level the decision will be filtered on the scale of their passion and if it passes this filter the Decision would then enter the system and follows the standard procedure at the work place depending upon its conduciveness.

For instance there are various educational Institutes and many Edupreneurs, who are successfully running the so called educational institutes however the most important thing here to understand is, are they passionate about the element of “Education” or “Business” because various schools,colleges and Institutes are openly seen minting money ,they are passionate only about profit making and they are ethically blind towards the fact that how this passion of minting money is killing the present and the future of our younger generation.

Every educational Institute should confirm to very high standards of ethics and this can happen only if we have great Leaders to see this.But sadly we do have many leaders at district level ,state level and even at the National level but no one is EPL.

Only if we have government’s bureaucrats with high ethics and passion to improve the system in India ,we would soon see India rising and reaching at the top of the world in terms of education too.

Let us see another scenario of a Mobile app company ,which is passionate to incorporate the latest technology, wants to now carve a niche in the teen market sector and they have an option of attracting the teenagers with apps that will help them to choose their career easily depending upon few questionnaire however the Mobile App company knows that no matter what is the real answers filled up by the teen students ,the questionnaire will be biased and force the teen students to join a particular Institute/College.

Hence, the Mobile app company ,disregards this lucrative offer as this is ethically not correct and though the company is passionate to use the latest technology for creating the mobile app they refuse to even consider it at the first place.

So this simple model gives lot of power to goodness and ethical practice at the workplace and thereby making this world a better place.
So we need to remember that we might be very passionate about something however we need to first screen at the very core of it on the filter of “Ethics”.

In ethically blind society,Morals are like those strong roots, that will help you to grow anywhere and everywhere unlike those, who lack morals and are working only for few like-minded people and once they are cut off from that system , as they lack roots they never grow back to life again anywhere.

So creating a brand doesn’t mean, you go with the flow or follow the trend.It means be you, be authentic.

People will remember you always,for your brand.so create a beautiful you, without aping others try to be a great EPLs.

Do not crave for name, just do your work, grow and let others also grow with you. As EPLs are those who are never crave for to be at the front row but they are those who help others lead sometimes even without getting noticed just like the strong roots of a tree . Though roots are the real force the real power the beauty is external so strive to be the real you and it is okay if you go unnoticed sometimes externally as it happens in the corporate world.

When you work from your heart with strong morals and character you don’t just create a brand you create a legacy.

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